Sundays & Wednesdays

In-Person Worship 10:00 a.m.
All Sunday sermons are available on our Youtube Channel!


Children, Youth and Adults meet at 6 PM 
Our volunteer teachers and helpers do a wonderful job planning each lesson, craft and activity. There are many subjects that are covered throughout the year but missing out will never put you behind. You can join at any time; we’d love to you have!

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Julie Holland   – PreK – 6th Grade (2020-Present)
Karen Dunn     – Helper / Piano
Randy Holloway     Adults
Emily Swindle         Youth
Courtney Watson   Youth
Christy Barnette     4th – 6th
Julie Holland           4th – 6th
Kristen Marvin        4th – 6th (Helper)
Helper                    1st – 3rd
Nancy Nowell         1st – 3rd
Lucy Barr                 Pre-K
Marta Lucas           Pre-K